salesJulie, who has been one of America’s leading quilt dealers for more than thirty-five years, specializes in quilts made between 1780 and 1950.


lectureJulie Silber is a popular and dynamic presenter at quilt guilds and other community groups as well as colleges and museums across the country.


appraisalsJulie is a highly qualified appraiser of antique and vintage quilts made before 1950. She can appraise a single quilt or an entire collection.


managementJulie advises both new and experienced quilt collectors (and museums) in organizing, evaluating, managing, and documenting their collections.


About-JulieJulie Silber is a world-renowned quilt expert, a critically acclaimed author, and the former curator of the legendary Esprit Quilt Collection.


exhibitionsJulie has organized numerous quilt exhibitions for museums. She can provide complete exhibition packages or create a show to fit your needs.


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“We all enjoyed it so much. Every quilt is made with love and I am glad you are making us aware of the unusual as well as the traditional, modern and artistic…”

Sheena C.

“You have started our virtual year off with great humor and fun.
It was exactly what we needed!

Thank you again!”
Gwen C.

“It was very fascinating – I can’t say I have ever given much thought to quilts that most of us would consider “ugly”! … you’ve definitely reminded me to look again at any piece of art and wonder what the artist was trying to say.”

Thanks, Teresa A.

“Thank you again so much for your talk on Thursday.  I’ve heard from many members about how much they enjoyed your presentation.  I thought it was fascinating, and you’ve inspired me to do a better job of labelling my quilts, not that they are masterpieces like the ones you showed us!”

Heather M.

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful presentation. So many have expressed how much they enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to work with you. “

Sincerely, Nancy